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Tropicana Online NJ Review

According to laws of the state of New Jersey, each online casino should be affiliated with a real-world casino in a brick-and-mortar building. Tropicana Casino is no exception to this rule, as it, along with its sister site Virgin Casino, is associated with the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City (or AC for short). We have a separate review about Virgin Casino, so don’t forget to check it out.

Tropicana in AC NJ opened its online version in 2013, two months before they’ve launched Virgin Casino. Both of those sites were developed by the same European company, Gamesys, so they share a lot of similarities, including starter promotions and bonuses, along with the variety of games available. However lately, Tropicana online casino has expanded its software by including several games from other companies, more familiar to the American public. This Tropicana NJ review will expand on available games, Tropicana bonus codes, and promotions.

Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City

Tropicana in AC NJ, as NJ law requires, is affiliated with the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. So this casino also should get a glance from our Tropicana NJ review. Tropicana Casino and Resort is one of the few AC casinos pulling through the latest years, despite similar others closing. Not only that, but Tropicana even prospers and expands.

Since it is not only a casino but a resort, Tropicana offers other facilities to its players on the grounds. Dining, shopping, and entertainment will welcome visitors to the casino segment called The Quarter. For those wishing to relax and rest in a more physical way, there is AtlantiCare LifeCenter offering varying fitness options, from yoga to gym. All of that allows visitors to see just how well-off Tropicana really is, adding to the confidence that players feel gambling here.

Tropicana NJ mobile app

Walking in line with modern times, Tropicana casino developed a mobile app for their players. Or, rather, it offers two mobile apps, for Android and iOS devices. It supports smartphones and tablets, so you can access your favorite games whether you are in your comfortable chair at home, or somewhere else. You can find the Apple version on the App market, and the Android app on the official site of the casino. However, keep in mind that some OS (like Windows phones) might not be supported, as well as older devices. 

The casino site is less than informative about mobile versions of Tropicana online casino, despite the apparent effort that went into the creation and optimization of mobile apps. Not to mention the amount of content there.

Speaking about the content, as our Tropicana online NJ review ought to do, there is a big discrepancy in the number of games offered between the desktop and mobile versions. While the browser casino offers more than 200 games, you will find only around 120 of them in the app. Most of those (over 100), like with Virgin Casino, are slots. Along with slots, you will find video poker tables, blackjack, Keno, Hi-Lo, and roulettes there. So you need not to worry about the boredom and low variety of games.  

Both versions of mobile apps are secure, as Tropicana Casino is very serious about protecting their players’ data and accounting, so you can gamble without needless worrying.

What Tropicana New Jersey online casino has to offer

Tropicana casino is very similar in its variety and number of games available to its sister site, Virgin Casino. It also quickly expanded from 70 games to more than 200 in just a few years.
Most of those games are slots with different reels and paylines, from 5 to 100. While the number of slots is pretty good for a casino, their variety is not extremely impressive.

Still, Tropicana NJ casino offers some very interesting games for their players. Those are Wonderland, which is a jackpot slots with four bonus games and 100 paylines, Spinata Grande with bigger reels and better odds of winning, and The Godfather, while standard in terms of reels and winnings, allows to relive the atmosphere of the cult movie. Not to mention that it offers an interesting mode, allowing you to choose between either cash reward or a multiplayer to your winnings.

Beyond that, there is a great variety of blackjack tables for players’ every blackjack need. Tropicana casino offers a lot in terms of virtual table games, including various roulettes, high-stakes blackjack tables, a poker table, and keno, among others. 

Besides that, it offers a unique 90 Ball Bingo game, that you can find only in 2 other NJ casinos, one of them being Virgin Casino.

What software does Tropicana NJ Casino use

Tropicana online casino, along with its sister-site Virgin Casino, is using soft from the developing European company Gamesys. It is based in London and doesn’t have much representation in the US. 

This is both the curse and a boon for the casino. The boon is the originality that such company offers. Original games go a long way to attract new clientele, despite Gamesys being a relative unknown in the States. The curse is that the company not being known to the clients could be a major turn off, as players might not trust Tropicana casino for employing that software. Well, that’s why we write that Tropicana NJ review, to let you know that Gamesys and its games are good for their money.

Still, to counteract that, Tropicana NJ in AC decided to bring in some US-based software developers as well, namely NetEnt and IGT. That allows for better game diversity, and increasing in the player’s trust, as both of those companies are American, and have a good reputation among other casinos.

Along with its sister site, Tropicana NJ online is a fully online-based casino. That means that you can just fire up your browser, go to their site, and after logging in, or registering there, start to play. Yes, simple as that. No worries about OS version, or whether your device (or PC) could support that. Go in, and have fun.

Tropicana Bonus Codes and Tropicana Promo Codes

Tropicana casino offers its players a lot of variety in terms of bonus codes, bonus points, long-term and short-term promotions, and jackpots. Add to that seasonal and various holiday-themed offers, and you will get lots of ways to have fun for a smaller value. In this section of our Tropicana NJ review, we will tell about these options.

What’s more, most of Tropicana online promo codes are available to every player, whether they place small or high bets. Even VIP status only adds more to the already existing bonuses instead of allowing you to participate in them in the first place. Keep in mind that Tropicana online casino has the same starting bonuses as Virgin Casino, but their short-term promotions, as well as seasonal rewards,  are different, so if you are playing in both of them, don’t forget to check for promotions and bonuses. 

Bonus Money

While placing their bets, players can get bonus money from their games. The higher the bet, as well the size of their deposit, the bigger the sum they can win. 

For example, with a deposit being from $50 to $200, a player will get a 5% match reward, with a maximum of $10 in bonuses, $201 to $300 will get them 10% and a maximum of $30, and a deposit with over $301 gets 15% and up to $75 of bonus money. Sadly, this Tropicana reward doesn’t get any higher. Still, it could add a decent sum to your winnings.

Free Spins

Yes, this Tropicana promo can get you free spins each day. While playing Tiki’s Catch of the Day, or Search for the Phoenix, you can collect special points (shells or eggs, respectively). On the last day of the month, those points will allow you to collect a special reward, allowing you to have a few free spins on the slots. Basically, you can play slots to be able to play slots for free later on, which, all things considered, is not a bad thing.

Community Jackpot

Community Jackpot is a good way to get a considerable sum of money just for playing your favorite games at Tropicana in AC NJ. What is it about? Well, while playing some games, you may notice a special key appearing above the game area. By clicking on it, you will reveal exactly what jackpot you’ve won there, with sums ranging from $500 (green) to $1,000 (copper), and to $5,000 and even $10,000 (gold and platinum, respectively.

Even better is the fact that every time that jackpot is won, $20,000 is split among those who placed a bet within an hour of jackpot hitting. Thus its name being Community Jackpot. Not to mention that if you are the one who hit the Community Jackpot, you will get a part of those $20,000 along with your winnings. Basically, in one lucky stroke, you can increase your deposit for a really big sum.

Friend Referral program

So, you enjoy playing at the Tropicana casino. It is up to your standards, games are fun, and bets are placed left and right. What could enhance that experience even further? Why, bringing a friend here, of course!
Tropicana online casino has a friend referral program, that will give you a $50 bonus if you bring a friend who makes a deposit of at least $10 there.Once they do that,  they will also get a $10 bonus to their deposit. Sadly, you can’t withdraw your bonus, but it offers a few free games. 

Tropicana Online NJ Loyalty Program

Tropicana online casino offers a reward point system as its Loyalty program. As long as you are a long-time player, you will be able to earn Trop Points by betting on different games. Those points are pretty similar to V*Points, and the same as in Virgin Casino, you can also get them through short-term special promotions in addition to ones you will get by simply playing games.
One Trop Point is worth 1 cent. You can start using those bonus points after you’ve got at least 20 of them. You can also get more by playing specific games with specific bets. That way, you will get:

  • 90 Ball bingo: for every $15 you bet here, you will get one Trop Point.
  • Slots: you will get one Trop Point for every $40.
  • Other games: you will get one Trop Point for every $100.

VIP Program

As any decent casino, Tropicana NJ Online has a VIP program for their clients. By becoming a VIP, you will get the following: 

  • Bonuses for your Birthday, along with enhancing original bonuses
  • Special VIP bonuses and promos
  • Loyalty gifts personalized for you
  • VIP customer support
  • Paid getaways to the Tropicana Casino & Resort
  • Tickets to the shows and sports events in the Atlantic City
  • All-expenses-paid restaurant trips
  • And much more